Pumpkin season ceramic

The fall season inspired us for these colors.
Our vintage vases have the skin of ripe pumpkins.

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Monumental conical metal vase. Brutalism.

Dimensions: H 49
Price : Sold

Large floor vase with orange and brown. West Germany.

Dimensions: H 47
Price : € 120

Bright orange fat lava jug,

Dimensions: H 30
Price : sold

The brown vase with handle reminds us of primitive art.
The matte glaze is attractive. Signed Ceramano.

Dimensions: H 34
Price : sold

Three small vases with gradient color from brown to orange, one with handle.

Dimensions: H 22
Price 3st : sold

The brutalist structures were popular in the 1970s. And now again.
This vase is an inbetweener : fat lava and camouflage.

Dimensions: H 42
Price : sold

These two are the ones that most resemble a pumpkin in color scheme.

Dimensions: H 25
Price : sold